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SUNSHINE GRILL AND BAR: Good evening guys lami kaayu ako panihapon diri sulit kaayu 199 ra per head unlimited samgyupsal. Do it all yourself from grilling og ways sa pagkaon nimo. Ang meat ipalaman nimo sa lettuce with their sauces ug mga raw na vegetables. It is located infront of PhilHealth, Oroquieta city.


Did you know? Directly translated from Korean, samgyeop-sal (삼겹살) means "three layer flesh," referring to striations of lean meat and fat in the pork belly that appear as three layers when cut.

In Korea, the word samgyeop-sal, meaning "pork belly", often refers to samgyeop-sal-gui (grilled pork belly), in the same way that the word galbi, meaning "ribs", often refers to galbi-gui (grilled beef ribs). Gui refers to roasted, baked, or grilled dishes. #adventurer #LaagNiJanjan #FoodTripNiJanjan #PeopleOfOroquieta

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