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Picture Decoded

Picture Decoded.


This could be the oldest picture of Oroquieta, taken 120 years ago (1900) during an evening parade of Company E, 40th Infantry US Volunteers. (Ctto)

Additional information.

On my research on the net, I was able to access the US Military Archives. In the year 1900, I was able to found out that there are 2 companies assigned in Oroquieta back then, Company E and I while Company C, D, F and G are scattered all over the province of what is Mis Occ area today (Ozamiz, Jimenez). By that time Cagayan, Oroquieta, Iligan was part of the old Misamis.

Company E is headed by Capt. C. H. Marple with 2nd Lt. R. B. Mitchell as the CO.

Company I, stationed in Cagayan left for Oroquieta on July 8, 1900 and arrived on the following day July 9, 1900 by boat while Company E arrived on August 14, 1900 almost a month after.

BUT THE BIG QUESTION IS.... where in Oroquieta was the picture taken?

After studying the picture, my best guess and best candidate area will be along Rizal street (from the hanging bridge to Loboc port), since most of the old houses can be found along this way until today.

After a day of searching & asking, I was able to found 2 living witnesses of the said house, a 70 yo and and 85 yo confirmed to me without a doubt that they knew where is the area is and the house at the back is located and who is the owner of the house...

The house is located in Upper Loboc today and it was owned by one of the prominent family in Oroquieta, the family of PEDRO ABUTON.

A grandchild of Mr. Pedro Abuton also confirmed to me that it was the house of Pedro Abuton in the picture and he still recall the house vividly before it was demolished.

(Picture-2) Where the house is located today.

(Picture 3-5) What is left of the house are some old column or pillars.

It was 9 years ago when I saw this old picture on the internet and hopefully I was able to solved the case of this old photo. ☺️

Posted by Sir Gain Paul De Barras through Center for Misamisnon Culture and History


#KaOROhistory #KTOCK

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