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NIKKO’S CAFE - Ozamis City

NIKKO’S CAFE | When in Ozamis, please add another cafe shop to your list.

Visit Nikko’s Cafe located at JP Rizal Avenue cor Laurel Street, Ozamis City.

What’s great about Nikko’s Cafe is that they highly encourage you to support other food business especially those that just also started.

You can bring along an outside food inside their cafe and it is highly recommended to try the food stalls around them. Promise, match sila sa Nikko’s kape like Burger, broasted chicken, fries, corndog, takoyaki/bento meal, siomai, silvanas, turon, and others.

So what are you waiting for, tara na mga Ka-ORO! Kita kits ta didto!

Please visit their FB Page Nikko’s Cafe for more info and details on their products and services.

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