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MANGO AVENUE CHILL AND GRILL:What's coming mga ka-people and ka-oro in Oroquieta city? Mga People of Oroquieta Kung Taga-Oroquieta City Ka heres Korean Inspired kind of foodtrip. Mango Avenue Chill and Grill and it will be opened to the public on November 5, 2020! Kita kita unya ta!

Mango Avenue Chill and Grill is a Korean-inspired grill and eat all you can restaurant for only 199 pesos. Experience real chill in Oroquieta using smokeless grill pan while grilling your own food of choice.

Here's the menu and more!

1. Marinated Pork(sweet style)

2. Peppered chicken wings

3. Spicy chicken neck

4. Shrimp

5. Chicken Liver

6. Pork Chorizo

7. Cocktail hotdogs

8. Korean kimchi

9. Fruits

They are located at Rizal St. Poblacion 1, Oroquieta City. See you there! Chill and habhab niya ta diri!

IMPORTANT: Mango Avenue Chill and Grill will implement minimum health protocols mandated by the government such as physical distancing, wearing of facemask, and health form declaration.

By Jhanjhan Lim

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