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FEATURE | Looking for affordable jewelries to pair for your outfits either simple or aesthetic? Gifts or souvenirs for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or any occassions to celebrate? For couples, friends, barkada, etc... Want a sentimental gift ideas for any occasion for your loved ones plus with 🌙FREE CUSTOMIZATION?🌙Luna Astoria is here!

Luna Astoria is a small business in Oroquieta City, that sells beaded accessories such as:

•Beaded Bracelets

•Beaded Anklets

•Beaded Necklace

•Beaded Bag Chains/Accessories

•Beaded Mask lanyard

We also sells trendy stainless steel accessories such as:



We will soonly open trendy clothes too! LUNA ASTORIA doesn't just sell beaded accessories but also sells trendy outfits soon such as:







We hope you'll support our small business!

You can see mostly the styles on teens especially aesthetic pictures in social media (facebook, instagram, tiktok, pinterest), wearing it to pair their OOTD. Especially now, face to face class is back! You can wear our handmade jewelries to pair on your outfits or your uniform! We made our accessories simply yet elegant, plus it's very much affordable. You can wear it also in any school activities/party/event!💛

All of our crafts are handmade and our beads comes from a high quality as it comes from overseas! We made beaded crafts neatly and with care. Help us and support our business. Prices start from P20 pesos! We accept rush orders. Avail Luna Astoria now!💛🌙

You can check the pictures below as we already put the prices in each accessories! Thank you! 💛

For more inquiries and concerns, you can message Luna Astoria, for more info. Like, follow and share our facebook page(posts) so that your friends might also get interested. Thank you, have a great day!💛🌙