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Light A Tree Opening @ Oroquieta City Plaza, December 4,2020

Light A Tree Opening @ Oroquieta City Plaza

Today at around 5PM, the LGU official FB page, Oroquieta City Official Website broadcasted a live video for the Virtual Opening of the Light A Tree Program. you can watch the Live Video here:

Below is the Program copy for this event.

Meanwhile, while waiting for the lights to be turned “ON”, mao ni ang situation sa City Plaza.

People were observed to be waiting for the lights to be officially turned on. Although a lot of people were gathering, mostly, including the children, were wearing mask. I just hope everyone also bring along their own hand sanitizers or alcohol to clean or disinfect their hands.

The City Plaza was overwhelmed with many Oroquietanons nga gusto molantaw sa opening personally. I just hope that everyone was properly protected and would follow the minimum health standards.

And here comes the long awaited moment, ang pagpasiga sa mga suga.

As you can see, people were very happy to see and to witness the event. Daghan ang nagpapicture sa mga giant Christmas Gifts and Christmas Ball, apil man ang sa Stairway to Heaven ug ang mga Thousand Flowers nga attraction. Below photos show The said attraction (taken a day earlier).

Below photos shows the overwhelmed City Plaza after the lights were turned on.

I just hope and pray that even in the successful opening of the Light A Tree Program, people should still be more vigilant and be pro-active in protecting theirselves and be a responsible “laagan”.

That’s all for tonight mga Ka-ORO and may you have a wonderful and a joyous Merry Christmas!...

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