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Kita Ang Oroquieta - November 21,2020

Maayong adlaw mga Ka-ORO.

ICYMI, mao kini ang mga topiko ni City Mayor Lemuel Acosta sa iyang programa nga “Kita ang Oroquieta” Karong adlawa, November 21, 2020.

1. Covid-19 Update

2. Change of protocols (yesterday we recieved our first delivery of antigen test kits)

3. Appropriated funds for the Repair/Improvement of Mall Area of the Town Center para sa pagbalihin sa mga opisina sa old City Hall to the Town Center amounting to 20 million and 6 million for the transfer of the gso office sa bagsakan area sa canubay. This will be included in the supplemental budget no. 8 na i submit nato karong Lunes for approval sa atong SP.

4. Appropriate pud ta ug funds for the road concreting sa Talairon 3.9 million. Dungag ni sa 5 million na gi gahin sa ato LGU for next year.

5. Appropriated funds for body cams for our SOC and Traffic enforcers.

6. Appropruated funds for fencing sa 10th IB 1.35 million

7. Appropruated funds for the purchase of computer to our Coast Guard

8. Rescue Vehicle from our BFP.

9. Light a Tree for Christmas

10. ASF (African Swine Fever) sa mga Baboy

11. The City will be sending 100k each to 3 provinces hit by the typhoon.

You can view his Facebook live video here:




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