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#KamiNaPud Online Song Writing Contest

From Music Enthusiasts Club in Oroquieta City

#KamiNapud Online Song Writing Contest

Contest Mechanics

1. The contest is open to ALL amateur and semi-professional composers, bands, musicians, or singers.

2. The song must have a minimum duration of at least three (3) minutes but not more than five (5) minutes.

3. The lyrics and melody of the song should be original and must not violate the copyright of the third party.

4. The song must not contain any vulgar, inappropriate, or offensive language.

5. Songs must be written either in English, Visayan or Tagalog, unreleased

6. Any songs without lyrics, composition or demo will be disqualified.

7. The genre should be Pop Rock or Reggae

8. In a smaller scale, entries should deal with subjects that reflect the different aspects of life and experiences in the Philippines or of Filipinos in various areas, such as relationships, work, business, religion, politics, etc.

9. Failure to submit on time will result in immediate disqualification.

10. Organizer has the right to use the award-winning song(s) for program promotion. The piece will not be sold.

11. The Organizer reserves the right to make any changes on the rules, terms and conditions of the competition.

12. The entries may be submitted through:

Submitting Entries by Email:

Entries may be sent by email with the following attachments: and use subject title

A. Accomplished official entry form.

B. MP3 or wav file containing the song entry (320 kbps resolution). The MP3 file should be named with the title of the song or, if it is too long, with the key words of the title of the song entry

C. A copy of the lyrics sheet in a Word document file

D. Picture of the band/Artist 5r size.

Entry forms are available at the following:

DXNA 91.3 fm or Download @ Music Enthusiasts Club in Oroquieta Facebook page and RMS Recording Studio at Talic, Oroquieta City.

All entries must be submitted on or before October 10, 2020.

Criteria for Judging

Musicality, Artistry and Creativity 30%

(Concept, arrangement and originality)

Lyrics and Content 30%

(construction of words, appeal of words used, impact, appeal of melody)

Audience Impact through Social Media (Likes, Heart and Shares) 40%


1st Prize P15,000.00

2nd Prize 10,000.00

3rd Prize 7,000.00

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