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E.O. 054-2021 - No Movement Sunday to all persons to curtail the rapid rise of covid-19 in the City

FYI mga Ka-ORO, our City Mayor Lemuel Acosta has signed the EO 054-2021 which limits the movement of all persons every Sunday to curtail the rapid rise of Covid-19 in Oroquieta City. Mao kini ang nasabutan sa mga Mayores sa nagkalain-lain nga LGU’s sa Misamis Occidental with the Governor Philip Tan to designate a day for no movements in order to flatten the rise of covid-19 cases in the province and in the city and Sunday was the day being selected.

Under this EO, starting every Sunday from September 19,2021 onwards, starting from 2PM - 4AM of the following day, our City Mayor had urged all residents to stay at home except for the following:

  1. those who will buy medicines at the pharmacy

  2. those who will go to the hospital for check-ups or hospitalisation

  3. those working in both public and private health sectors

  4. those frontliners workers

On the same day, all businesses were advised to close except the following:

  1. Pharmacies

  2. Hospitals

The EO also applies to all public transports e.g. tricycles where also not allowed during the time of the same day.

Please read the below EO for more details and for your guidance.

Please watch the FB live of our City Mayor Lemuel Acosta regarding this EO here:

Keep safe and stay healthy always mga Ka-ORO.