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Ciriaco Pastrano Hanging Bridge

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Another spot not to be missed when in the City of Good Life, the famous hanging bridge in Oroquieta City.

Ciriaco Pastrano Hanging Brigde. Photo credit and courtesy to Er Ing.

Another place to visit when in Oroquieta City is the Ciriaco Pastrano Hanging Bridge or locally know as “hanging bridge”.

“Did you know that this hanging bridge is a 75 linear meter hanging bridge elevated from the ground at almost 20 ft., connecting Barangay Layawan and Taboc Norte. It is overlooking the sea and the whole market area can be seen by passing through it.

What to Do: 

Take the Hanging Bridge. Adventure junkies from big cities pay a lot of money to try hanging bridges. Well, gather your guts and grab the opportunity to walk it for FREE! The Ciriaco Pastrano Hanging Bridge is basically one of the "mode of transportation" for most people in Oroquieta. When you are crossing the bridge, it also gives you a perfect view of the Layawan River as it meets Panguil Bay. Come and experience crossing in these bridge.

The above photos shows the magnificent view of the Ciriaco Pastrano Hanging Bridge. Photo credits and courtesy to Aerial Photos of Oroquieta City Facebook Page.

I was born and raised in our beloved City of Good Life. All through my years of stay there, I have only crossed this bridge thrice. My first crossed was when I was in grade 3, where we have to visit a friend in the barangay located just after the other side of the bridge. I got a mixed feelings of excitement and fear as I haven’t tried walking on a long hanging bridge before. As I slowly walk along the wooden steps of the hanging bridge, I felt the wind blowing and the shaking on the bridge which make me more nervous. you I have to hold tight to the wooden handles while slowly walking toward the middle of the bridge. However, all of my fear vanished as I stood in the middle of the bridge looking at the breathtaking views. On one side, you will see the Layawan River meets with the Panguil Bay and on the other side, you will see the glorious Mount Malindang, the long stream of Layawan River, and the Public Market and houses along the side of the river. A wonderful sight I always keep in my mind. I told myself to keep coming back to this place if I will be back in our beloved City of Good Life.

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