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Battle for Covid-19 Essay Writing by CJ Andrei Pinero

An excerpt from "BATTLE FOR COVID-19 ESSAY WRITING" representative from Misamis Occidental.

Coronavirus started in Wuhan, China. The virus was believed and proven to be coming from the bats and then consumed by the people. This virus can make a person suffer from a very tremendous pain and it can also lead to death. The virus is spreading all around the world until now.

The government of different countries all around the world is leading in fighting against the virus, lots of frontliners have been dispatched to different hospitals, roads, and other offices and/or areas that are participating in driving away the virus. Now, the government faces a lot of problems due to some people that are not cooperating. The battle against the virus is becoming harder and harder because of the lack of cooperation between the frontliners and the people. People that are infected with the virus battled the virus really hard for them to survive and see their families once again. We can help our government and frontliners on fighting against the virus by staying at home, wearing mask when going outside, and also by reporting and giving them informations of persons that are showing symptoms of having the virus. The hardest part of battling this virus is that doctors, nurses, and other frontliners are also getting infected with this virus and some of them loss their lives.

Today, there is still no vaccine produced to fight against this deadly virus. Hospitals and some outstanding universities work together to find the cure. Thousands of people died, thousands are dying and also thousands of families all around the world lost their loved once because of the virus. Let us cooperate in battling the virus because with cooperation we can achieve success, we are all frontliners in this crisis because we have the task to take care of each other. Let us never stop hoping that this battle against COVID-19 will be over and never ever stop praying to God.

By: CJ Andrei Pinero

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