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Kung Taga-Oroquieta City Ka

The City of Good Life

About Oroquieta

Layawan was the original name of Oroquieta, which was the barrio in the province of Misamis since 1861 until 1879. The early settlers then of the barrio were Boholanos. They found so many stray animals along the river, thus they named the place Layawan, which means a place of stray animals. A little later, Misamis was divided into two provinces, Misamis Occidental and Oriental. Then in 1880, Layawan changed its name to Oroquieta when it became a town.

Oroquieta became the capital (cabecera) on January 6, 1930. As capital town, people of various neighboring provinces came and inhabited in the place where they earn their living through fishing, farming, merchandising and other forms of businesses. Soon afterwards its income increased simultaneously with increase in population.

In 1942, Oroquieta was made the capital of the free Philippines by the recognized guerrillas and later the ongoing troops of the Philippine Commonwealth Army. (Personal interview with the late Atty. Vicente Blanco, Municipal Mayor during the Japanese Occupation) During this time, President Manuel L. Quezon, together with Sergio Osmeña Sr., a bodyguard and Major Manuel Nieto Sr., landed in Oroquieta after their evacuation from Corregidor to Australia.

The seat of government of the Free Philippines then was the Capitol. The Free Philippine Government was then issuing Misamis Occidental emergency notes. President Quezon, upon knowing that Oroquieta was made a capital of the Free Philippines and that the town was issuing emergency notes, authorized the Printing of the Mindanao emergency note.

Oroquieta was created a city under Republic Act 5518 and inaugurated as a chartered city on January 1, 1970. The charter converting the municipality of Oroquieta into a city were signed by President Marcos on June 25, 1969, in the presence of the then City Mayor Ciriaco C. Pastrano, with the newly elected councilors and other city officials.

Oroquieta City is bounded on the south by Aloran and the north by Lopez Jaena. On the eastern side is Iligan Bay, with Concepcion on the southwest and Sapang Dalaga on the northwest. Lowland plains and coastal lowlands are located in the city's eastern side while highlands and mountains tower over its western side.

The city occupies roughly 26,393 hectares (65,220 acres), the majority of which comprises the mountain barangays of Mialen, Toliyok, and Sebucal, averaging less than a thousand hectares per Barangay, the 47 barangays of the City outsize its urbanized counterparts.

Products and Services

Oroquieta City is known for its hospitality and peace loving people. The city is also a major agricultural trading center, such as coconut and several ‘coconut-processing’ factories. Oroquieta is also a leading producer of copra since it became a city.

City Fiesta

Oroquieta City Fiesta is on every 16th of October.

Oroquieta City is politically subdivided into 47 barangays. 

  • Apil 

  • Binuangan 

  • Bolibol 

  • Buenavista 

  • Bunga

  • Buntawan 

  • Burgos 

  • Canubay 

  • Clarin Settlement 

  • Dolipos Bajo 

  • Dolipos Alto 

  • Dulapo 

  • Dullan Norte 

  • Dullan Sur 

  • Lower Lamac 

  • Layawan 

  • Lower Langcangan 

  • Lower Loboc 

  • Lower Rizal 

  • Malindang 

  • Mialen 

  • Mobod 

  • Ciriaco C. Pastrano (Nilabo) 

  • Paypayan 

  • Pines 

  • Poblacion I 

  • Poblacion II 

  • Proper Langcangan 

  • San Vicente Alto (Dagatan) 

  • San Vicente Bajo (Baybay Dagatan) 

  • Sebucal 

  • Senote 

  • Taboc Norte 

  • Taboc Sur 

  • Talairon 

  • Talic 

  • Toliyok 

  • Tipan 

  • Tuyabang Alto 

  • Tuyabang Bajo 

In the 2015 census, the population of Oroquieta was 70,757 people, with a density of 300 inhabitants per square kilometre or 780 inhabitants per square mile.

City Officials 2022 - Present

  • Mayor: Lemuel Meyrick M. Acosta

  • Vice Mayor: Aurora Virginia M. Almonte

  • Congressman (1st District): Jason Almonte

  • Councilors:

    • Vincent J. Guantero

    • Joel Aclao

    • Jude Gamalinda

    • Jun Claros Jr.

    • Joel A. Fernandez

    • Jessie Amboang

    • Aileen M. Taladua

    • Arthur Enanoria

    • Noel Undag Sr.

    • Diosibel Maghinay

You can also visit the Oroquieta City Government Official Website below:

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